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Chatbot Development

Codewand Technologies, a leading software development company in Zimbabwe, offers comprehensive chatbot development services tailored to meet the unique needs of Zimbabwean businesses. Codewand Technologies specializes in designing and developing three primary types of chatbots:

WhatsApp Chatbot: Engage with your customers seamlessly through Zimbabwe's most popular messaging platform, WhatsApp. Our WhatsApp chatbot provides 24/7 customer support, handles order inquiries, and promotes your products or services.

Facebook Chatbot: Enhance your Facebook presence with a chatbot that interacts with your customers directly on the platform. Our Facebook chatbot answers FAQs, provides product recommendations, and collects valuable customer insights.

Website Chatbot: Greet your website visitors with a personalized chatbot that guides them through your products or services. Our website chatbot offers instant support, reduces bounce rates, and increases conversion rates.

Partner with Codewand Technologies for Seamless Chatbot Integration. Codewand Technologies ensures a smooth integration of your chatbot into your existing business processes. We provide comprehensive training to your staff, ensuring they can effectively manage and utilize the chatbot's capabilities.

Codewand Technologies Chatbot Development
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